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Love and Hunting

by Savage and the Big Beat

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"Although their upcoming Love and Hunting release still won't see them exploring full-length territory just yet, it nonetheless marks a big leap forward for the former drums- and piano-based duo. Aside from being the most polished tracks they've put out to date, the addition of guitarist Kyle Irion has beefed up the already frenzied clanking of the band's theatrical-rooted piano-heavy sound." - Corey Graves,

Recorded in about a month at the house of Pageantry's Roy Robertson, "Love and Hunting" is our first stab at a more deliberate, full sound. None of the energy from our earlier works has been removed, only focused. "Love and Hunting" is like Jean Grey after she learned to control Phoenix. Do you guys remember that? If you don't remember that, pretend you only imagined these last few lines. "Love and Hunting" is about love, especially love worth fighting for. It's about the self-sacrifice that love often requires. It's also about bows and arrows.


released September 29, 2012

Produced by Roy Robertson
All water and chairs provided by Roy Robertson





Savage and the Big Beat Denton

Savage and the Big Beat is a pop/indie rock band from Denton Texas. Featuring Max Brown on vocals and keys, Kyle Irion on guitar, and Tim Harman on drums, Savage plays high-tempo, up-beat music that sounds like the music you would listen to while storming a castle if you were really, really excited about it, like if you knew there were presents inside or something. ... more

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Track Name: Bring Down a Bear with a BB Gun
Take your rifle and shoot me two thousand times
A bullet less and I will never die
Never die

Remember the words your mother said
Aim with your heart and shoot for the head

Oh the claws are sharp
But I am not afraid
Don't care anymore
And if I'm to find a love it has to be a truly brave love
Cause the bear is symbolism

I'm killing the bear
He's killing the bear
Track Name: You're a User
You're a user go ahead and generate your lies
You're like a kid from the lord of the flies

Once I was an honest man now i know I'm gonna' burn
Oh yeah

We can't fight it

But I need you
I need you
Track Name: Pretend I'm Someone Else
Oh, we're not the same
The fire ignited us but never united us
Mutation we never mutated
We stayed the same and we were powerless

Lets pretend I'm someone else
Were not ourselves
Lets pretend I'm someone else

Oh, she's slipping away
She's doing the dishes but some things never wash out
Oh, what can i say?
It so complicated and everything's broken
I wish I could fix it
I think i know how

Lets pretend I'm someone else
We're not ourselves
Lets pretend I'm someone else
Track Name: Castles
Tell me I can infiltrate her mind
Cause I want to have her

Yeah, she's too dangerous

Tell me that the love she had was blind
Cause I want to show her

Her architecture is more than a gesture
I can open the gates with no hassle
She's like a castle.

Her architecture is making me fester
And I have to admit she can dazzle
She's like a castle, yeah

Oh, she's hard to control (You can't control it)
The castle will devour us
Track Name: Arrow Boys
Momma' said if they come to town
Kill them with arrows

Or the government will cut you down

Government says it gonna' cut us down
Kill them with arrows

I want to fight for the land and never let it go
I want to captivate the man so he can let's us go

They brought gun fire to the forest
But this area is ours

The kids must be annihilated
We try to terminate and terminate and terminate em'
But they keep coming back with arrows and boys

Oh, the arrows and bows, bows

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